Who are not get House Rent Allowances,they can also get HRA benefits U/s 80GG with Automatic All in One TDS on Salary For FY 2013-14

Under Section 80GG

Do you pay rent but
don’t get a house rent allowance (HRA)? Don’t think you can not get any income
tax benefit. You can qualify to save tax under section 80GG of the Income Tax
(IT) Act if you satisfy certain conditions

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But what if you are
not salaried? What if you are a businessman paying rent? Or, what if you are
salaried but do not get any HRA? Can you get any income tax benefit?
Yes, you can. You
can claim deduction of the rent paid if you satisfy certain conditions.
Who can claim deduction?
Any individual can claim the deduction u/s 80GG.
Irrespective of whether you are a salaried individual, or a business person,
you can claim deduction under Sec 80GG.
Of course, you need to be paying rent, and for your own
Thus, if you are paying rent for a house where your
parents live, you can not claim deduction u/s 80GG. Similarly, if you are
staying in a house but your spouse is paying the rent, you can not claim any
You can claim deduction for either furnished or
unfurnished accommodation
Maximum Amount of deduction under section 80GG
So, how much can you claim as deductible u/s 80GG?
The amount allowed as deduction is the minimum of the following:
1.Rent / lease
amount paid less 10% of your total income
2.Rs. 2,000 per
3.25% of your total
For Claim this Tax
Exemption you must fill the Form No 10BA

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