Prepare at a time 50 or 100 employees Form 16 Part B for FY 2015-16, Plus Section 80GG Deduction-Get Tax Benefit on rent paid if not getting HRA

Download Automated Master of Form 16 Part B for the Financial Year 2015-16 [This Excel Utility can prepare at a time 50 employees Form 16 Part B for FY 2015-16]

 Feature of this Utility:-

  • Prepare at a time 50 employees Form 16 Part B [ Amended Format of Form 16]
  • Automatic Calculate Income Tax with New Tax Slab for FY 2015-16
  • All Income Tax Section have in this Excel Utility
  • Easy to generate and easy to understand
  • Easy to Install in any computer
  • Auto prevent the double entry of Pan Number and Name of Employee
  • Automatic Convert the Amount in to the In-Word without any Excel Formula

Sec. 80GG
salaried are very much familiar with HRA and how to get the benefit of
the rent they pay. However, what about those who not get HRA in their
salary or for self employed? Will they still get rent benefit? The
answer to both the questions is Section 80GG of Income Tax.

as I said above this section only applies to those who have not availed
HRA in their salary or not claiming the deduction on their rent in any
of the other sections of income tax.  Below are a few conditions to
avail the deduction under this section.
  1. This section is only applicable to Individual or HUF.
  2. Tax Payer may be either salaried or a self-employed. However, must not be getting HRA.
  3. Tax
    Payer himself or spouse/Minor Child/HUF of which he is a member should
    not own any accommodation at a place where he is doing a job or
  4. If
    Tax Payer owns house at a place other than the place noted above, then
    the concession in respect of self occupied property is not claimed by
    him [Under Section 23 (2) (a) or 23 (4) (a)].
  5. Tax Payer has to file a declaration in Form No.10BA regarding the expenditure incurred by him towards the payment of rent.
How much amount of deduction one can avail under Sec. 80GG?
If the above five conditions are satisfied, the amount deductible under Section 80GG is LEAST OF THE FOLLOWING.
  • Rs.2, 000 per month;
  • 25% of total income of taxpayer for the year; or
  • Rent Paid less 10% of total income (Rent Paid-10% of Total Income).
What is total income for the purpose of Sec. 80GG?
We can calculate it as below.
Income=Gross Total Income-LTCG-STCG-Income referred under the
Sec.115A-Amount deductible under Sec.80C to 80U (except Section 80GG)
Let us try with one example-
X’s total income (calculated as per above formula) is Rs.4, 00,000. He
pays an annual rent of Rs.1, 50,000. Then least of the below will be
applicable for deduction under Sec. 80GG.
  • Rs.24, 000 per year.
  • Rent Paid-10% of Total Income=Rs. 1,50,000-Rs.40,000=Rs.1,10,000.
  • 25% of Total Income i.e Rs.1, 00,000.
So least of the above will be Rs.24, 000, which one can claim under Section 80GG for that particular FY.

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