Prepare at a time 100 employees Autmatic Form 16 for the Financial Year 2014-15 and Assessment Year 2015-16

This is the common demand regarding issuing of Form-16 by the Employer to Employee, even if Employer not deduct any Tax from drawn salary.  What shall happen when Employee want’s his Salary Certificate Form-16 for the same year.  In such situation Employer is liable to issue Form-16 to each and every who have already hold the PAN Card.

Click here to Download Automated Form 16 Part A&B for Financial Year 2014-15 [This Excel utility prepare at a time 100 employees  Form 16]

However your employer must issue a salary Certificate Form 16 who are already hold the PAN Card as per the Income Tax Instruction. Income Tax  Certificate (Form-16) is  applicable to such employee who have submit his Income like as salary or other income (any amount) not deducted or not, during current Financial Year.  If the Employee deduct any amount of Tax during Financial Year, Form-16 must be issued to Employee u/s. 203 of Income Tax Act.

As per the Reserve Bank of India has already circulate to the all Nasalized Bank for issuing the form 16 to the Pension Holder. 
This Salary Certificate is most important to PAN Holder who have working in any sector, any employee who’s Tax not Payable or not fall in to the Income Tax Slab, but he is get the Form 16 as his/her proof of Income, which is need for various purpose.
When any employee willing to get the Bank Loan from any Bank of Branch, the respective Bank asking the Salary Certificate Form 16 as he fall the Tax Slab or not. But the Bank’s requirement the Salary Certificate for giving the Bank Loan either he/she can not be able to get the Bank’s Loan.

Given below the Automated Form 16 Preparation Excel Based Software for the Financial Year 2013-14 and Assessment Year 2014-15

1) Click here to download Automatic Form 16 Part A&B and Part B For FY 2014-15( This utility Can prepare One by One Form 16)

2) Click here to download Master of Form 16 Part A&B For FY 2014-15( This Utility Can prepare at a time 50 employees Form 16 Part A&B)

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