Maximum Income Tax You can Save for FY 2015-16, with Automatic All in One Tax Preparation Excel Based Software for Govt and Non-Govt employees for F.Y.2015-16

Download All in One Income Tax preparation Excel Based Software which can prepare both of Govt and Non-Govt Concerned employees for the Financial Year 2015-16 [ This Excel Based utility can prepare at a time
Income Tax Compute Sheet + Individual Salary Structure + Automatic HRA
Exemption Calculation + Automatic Arrears Relief Calculator with Form 10e U/s
89(1), Automated Form 16 Part A&B and Form 16 Part B]

Tax Saving Sections Summary:

Below is the recap of all tax saving sections for
FY 2015-16:
Section 80C/80CCC/80CCD/ 80CCD(1B):
Investment in EPF, ELSS, PPF, FD, NPS, NSC, Pension Plans, Life Insurance,
SCSS, SSA and NPS. Also includes Home Loan Principal repayment, Tuition Fees,
Stamp Duty

Interest paid on Home Loan for Self occupied homes. No Limit for Rented

Section 80E: Interest paid on
Education Loan. No Limit – Rs 50,000 is just an assumed value
Section 80CCG: 50% of investment
in RGESS approved stocks & mutual funds. Max investment limit is Rs 50,000
Section 80D: Premium payment for
medical insurance for self and parents. Also includes Rs 5,000 limit for
preventive health checkup
Section 80DDB: Treatment of
Serious illness for self and dependents (Limit of Rs 80,000 for person above 80
years, Rs 60,000 for person above 60 years and Rs 40,000 for rest)
Section 80U: Physically Disabled
Tax payer (Rs 75,000 for 40% to 80% disability and Rs 1,25,000 for more than
Section 80DD: Physically
Disabled Dependent (Rs 75,000 for 40% to 80% disability and Rs 1,25,000 for
more than 80%)
Section 80G: Donation to approved
charitable funds like Prime Minister Relief fund, etc 100% or 50%
Section 80TTA: Interest received
in Savings Account Max Rs. 10,000/-
Section 87A: Income Tax Rebate
Rs.2,000/- who’s total taxable income less than 5 Lakh.

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