Free download Number to In-Word Converter in Excel with Excel Based Software

Free download Amount to in word Converter in Excel Tools

Most of Professional mainly in Accounts related persons and who are working in Computer mainly used in Excel, they have need this Excel Tools, which can easily Convert the Amount to In Words automatically.
This Excel Tolls mainly valuable for those, who are working in Accounts and where frequently need the Amount to in word manually typing in Computer.
Hope this Utility can help and reduce the time and errors of spelling of in word typing.
For Download the Same first you should Register in My Blog where you can easily received Free update Excel Utility which are all Accounts Related and Income Tax Related Excel Based Utility. Also you can get this type of Excel Tools through mail delivery system by Feed Burner.
After Registering this Blog you can get the Pass Word for Download this Excel Tools through Mail.

Instruction for install this Utility is given below :-

  Register for get this Excel  toolls “Amount to in words” 
You can use this Excel Tools for 2003 & 2007 & 2010 Users

Instruction for install

1. save it in a Folder permanently.(do not change the location of file after installation) 

2. Now open excel Go to Tools>add in >browse (browse the file where you have stored the downloaded the file and select the file>ok. [ For 2003 Users]

For 2007 & 2010 Users – Go to File>Open>Excel Option>Add-ins>Manage Excel Add-in>Go>Browse where you have stored the downloaded file and select the file>OK
Form 2010 Users – Same as 2007.

Also you should first enable Analyses toolpak before install this tools.
then press ok ,that’s all

Just type the Formula in below given in formula bar

=word(Cell No) (cell number in which figure are given)

It will be done

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