Form 16 Part A to be downloaded from TRACES portal & Part B must be prepared by the Employer as per CBDT Notification Number 04/2013

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You have a question that what is the Form 16 Part B and how to prepare this Form 16 Part B and which Item have in this Form 16 Part B. Given below the all answer with CBDT Notification Number.

department has issued Circular No 04/2013 dated April 17, 2013 in respect of
Form 16.
New Form 16
Form 16 has been notified vide Notification 11/2013 dated 19.02.2013
Form 16
has two distinct parts :-
Part A
: contains details of tax deduction and deposit
Part B
: contains details of salary and total income
Form 16 has to be issued on or before May 31, 2014 in respect of
Financial Year 2014-15
Procedure for Issuance
vide Circular 04/2013, a deductor is required to issue
1) Part
A of Form 16 by downloading the same from TRACES web site
2) Part
B of Form 16 is to be prepare &  issue by deductor manually
Form 16
Part A generated from TRACES PORTAL will contain unique TDS Certificate Number
Form 16 Part A by Govt. deductors, who make TDS payment by book
entry , is also to be issued by generating and downloading from TRACES
Authentication of Form
   Form 16 must
be signed manually or using digital signature
Issuing Form 16 will be a challenge for deductors for FY 2014-15, as
this involves two distinct parts being issued from two different sources.

Part A will have to be generated and downloaded from TRACES &
Part B will have to be prepared manually or using a third party software.

Download Automated Form 16 Part B for FY 2014-15 ( This Excel Utility can prepare One by One Form 16 Part B)

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