Check your Income Tax Refund Status through Online

Check Your income tax refund status online

Click to this link  Tax Information Network of the Income Tax Department of India. You will find a rectangular submission form at the end of the page.
Income tax refund status online
To check your tax refund status online, fill in your Permanent Account Number (PAN) and the assessment year for which you want to track the income tax refund status for. Once you have entered the details and clicked on the submit button, you will get to know about the status of your income tax refund.
In most of the cases you might see this message.
status of income tax refund
This message indicates that your income tax refund has not been processed yet. Keep checking back, as I mentioned earlier, the Income Tax Department will take its own sweet time to process your tax refund.
If you have provided a bank account number for the refund to be deposited in at the time of filing your return, you will see the below status if you tax refund has been processed.
income tax refund status India
If the income tax refund status shows as processed, do check you bank statement to verify if the refund amount has been credited to your account

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