Automatic Tax Computed Sheet+Salary Sheet+Salary Structure+Automatic Arrears Relief+Automatic HRA Exemption+Form 16 Part B+Form 16 Part A&B Financial Year 2014-15 for Govt & Non Govt Employees

Now it is most common to prepare the Income Tax Calculation with the Form 16 through the Computer and also it make through the popular software of Excel. Various Excel Based Income Tax Software have in the Web Site and where can prepare only the Income Tax amount and Form 16 which is not built the Automatically. 

Download & Prepare at a time Tax Compute sheet + Individual Salary Structure + Individual Salary sheet + Arrears Relief Calculation + Form 10E + HRA Calculation + Form 16 Part A&B and Part B for the Financial Year 2014-15 

Feature of this utility:-
  • Automatic Calculate the Income Tax
  • Automatic Calculate the Arrears Relief Calculation
  • Automatic Calculation HRA Exemption
  • Automatic prepare the Form 16 Part B
  • Automatic prepare the Form 16 Part A&B
  • Automatic convert the Amount in to the In Words

Download the Excel Utility All in One TDS on Salary for Financial Year 2014-15

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