Automatic Form 16 Part B (Prepare at a time 50 employees Form 16 Part B) For the Financial Year 2014-15 and Assessment Year 2015-16

As per the Income Tax Department’s Notification No 11/2013, where clearly mentioned that the Income Tax Form 16 Part A must be Download from the New TRACES Portal by the all Govt and Non-Govt Concerned. But the reset of the Form 16 Part B where reflected the employees Salary Income and which can must be prepared by the Employer or Deductor of each Govt or Non Govt Concerned. Most of the Concerned have not intimated this New Income Tax Circular.

As per the previous Financial Year the Form 16 Part A and B both prepared by the employer and also they have get the Monthly TDS Challan No from the Bank or Treasury as they are fit.
Some of the Govt and Non Govt concerned have to need the Form 16 Part B in the middle in the financial year.As the some of employee may  Retired or leave the Job, in this connection they have Right to get the Form 16 Part B from their leaving employer.

As the Finance Budget 2014-15 has already Raised the Tax Slab from 2 Lakh to 2.5 Lakh and the most popular Section 80C also Raised from 1 Lakh to 1.5 Lakh from the Financial Year 2014-15. Tax Rebate U/s 87A Rs.2,000/- will be continue in this Financial Year 

Given below the unique Excel Based Software which can prepare at a time 100 employees Form 16 Part B for the Financial Year 2014-15.
Feature of this Excel Utility:-
  • Prepare at a time 50 employees Form 16 Part B
  • All the latest and amended Tax Section have in this utility
  • Prevent the double entry of Pan No or Employees Name
  • Easy to generate
  • Easy to install in any computer
Download Master of Form 16 Part B for FY 2014-15 [ This Excel Utility can prepare at a time 100 employees Form 16 Part B for FY 2014-15]

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